Energy Efficient & Environmental

CD Hood builders consider themselves a "green" company and all their normal business activities are adapted and developed to strive to follow "green" agendas.

They actively promote our Environmental policy throughout the company, and ensure all employees receive environmental training appropriate to their role and responsibilities. CD Hood Ltd’s aspirations are promoted with customers, subcontractors and suppliers and serve to strengthen relationships with those whose "green" aspirations complement those of CD Hood Ltd.

CD Hood recognise the benefits of responsible purchasing, preferring to use alternative materials, products and services with reduced environmental and/or social impacts whenever these can be commercially justified. This includes using timber from well managed renewable sources whose dedication to the environment mirrors the company's policy. The policy for responsible purchasing applies to office staff as well as those on site.

They segregate waste for recycling or reuse whenever conditions permit, or use waste handlers that sort and recycle waste, reducing the quantity of waste sent for landfill or incineration. CD Hood building contractors minimises waste and makes efficient use of energy and materials on site and in the offices.


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