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May 04

Energy efficiency tips for you home

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Builders , Cambridge commercial builders , Cambridge Buy to let

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd regularly make sure that any of their extensions, renovations or new builds fit with any new energy regulations. But whether you are building, renovating, extending or renting a property it is always good to check out out how to improve your energy efficiency ratings.


Insulation is usually the bit one any new loft insulation has to measures at least 270mm in depth. There can still be grants and funding opportunities out there that are worth looking up to see if your property qualifies.

Then it usually makes sense to invest a little more in your heating system to save you money in the long run. As well as hugely increasing your EPC score, this could reduce running costs by hundreds of pounds each year, helping you save money or making the property much more attractive to any prospective tenants. To boost your EPC score even further you could look at introducing updated heating controls too, such as boiler programmers, room thermostats and individual Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs). 

Double glazing can really help on any new windows you create and if you can replace single-glazed windows with double-glazed units you might have the combined effect of sprucing up your property while at the same time giving its energy efficiency rating a boost. Other places to look for drafts are around windows, doors, loft hatches and floorboards. Once you have identified any draughty areas, there are plenty of excluders and fillers to help. The warmer months are the time to get these jobs done.


Apr 19

Apprenticeships in construction

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Builders Cambridge , Cd Hood , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CDHood Ltd know there is a real shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry has been a major problem for new housebuilders in recent years. Recently a new apprenticeship levy has comes into effect, as part of a wider strategy needed to help plug the construction skills shortage in the residential house building industry. 

Developers have been trying to address the issue through the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBP), a pan industry body set up by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Home Builders Federation (HBF) to develop, grow and sustain a programme that provides the workforce. But it is estimated that around 50,000 homes across England alone are still waiting to be built despite receiving planning consent partly because of a construction skills shortage. “The government’s recognition of the need to focus on grassroots recruitment through a number of avenues is to be applauded, and the introduction of the levy will directly increase the number of businesses growing apprentice numbers across the UK.” said Karen

Jones, HR director at Redrow: “Technical skillsets, in particular in sectors such as construction, engineering and health and social care, are vital to the strength of UK PLC but are currently in short supply so this policy represents a significant step in the right direction.”  The supply of much needed new build homes across the country need to be alleviated to help with the challenges and obstacles facing residential property developers. If you are looking for help with a Cambridgeshire new build CDHood Ltd might be able to help.

Apr 10

Letting in the light

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Cambridge home builders , Cambridge commercial builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd can help you get the aspect right on a new build and help you minimise the negative impact of the aspect of a property. Many agents now place a compass rose on the floor plan in the details of the houses they market, so that would-be purchasers can calculate the likely path of sunlight in the house. In many older country properties, kitchens were placed on the north side, which is now much less popular as modern families tend to spend most of their time there.


Whichever way your house faces it is a good idea to work with what you have; a north-facing wall can be the best wall for a glass-roofed room. This will pick up light and heat from radiation in the sky but won't get scorched. If your ground-level garden faces north and doesn't get any sum you could consider building a balcony or roof-terrace to capture the sun.

Victorian terraced houses tend to have a limited amount of external wall with few windows if you also have a north-facing kitchen and living room you can always add French doors to the garden from the living room and have decorated throughout in pale colours. To gain even more light you could make some structural changes by creating a family kitchen living space by introducing the maximum amount of glazing to the rear wall.

You could also let in some light from above; a window in the roof can let in as much as three times more light than a vertical window. Adding roof lights can be a very effective way of brightening the middle of the house. This is a simple procedure if the house has a single-storey extension, but even if the extension has two or more floors there could be an opportunity to add sections of glazed roof by extending it to the side or rear.

Mar 27

New builds needed

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have completed several new builds in and around Cambridge. In many UK towns and cities there is such a premium on space it is hard to see where to build. One argument that keeps coming up as a solution to new builds  is that the housing shortage could be resolved if housebuilders were allowed to build significantly more new homes on the green belt.

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Britain’s housing shortage is having far reaching effect.  Unaffordable housing is harming productivity which damages GDP growth and living standards, the OECD said. They also warned that poor skills and a lack of investment in infrastructure and research was holding back the UK’s productivity, while it also suggested that better provision of social housing was needed ‘where private sector activity is insufficient to promote greater equity in housing access’.

But one thing researchers say would help is to: ‘Further relax regulatory constraints to release more land for housing, in particular by thoroughly reviewing the boundaries of protected areas of the green belt and by easing skyline restrictions.  Adding, ‘Higher housing supply would improve labour mobility and reduce skill mismatches, resulting in additional income gains. ‘More investment in research and development and higher infrastructure provision would support technical progress and boost the capital stock, also enhancing progress in living standards.’ If you have land that you want to develop CD Hood Ltd can provide all that is needed for a Cambridgeshire new build.


Mar 21

Do you need a ‘graddy annexe’ building?

Posted by CarlHood in graddy annexe , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Builders London

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have helped many households build a Granny flat but with more and more graduates unable to afford their own home. Nearly half the graduates who paid full tuition fees in in 2015 are back living at home with their parents. In response more and more parents are building graddy annexes, extensions to their homes for their returning children.

According to some reports, the number of homes with an annexe for family members has jumped by a third in the past few years this is in part due to council tax breaks for those building to house relatives. Before April 2014, homeowners had to pay full council tax on annexes attached to a main household if they had fitted kitchens or bathrooms, now there is a 50% discount on council tax bills if the occupier is a family member.

A garage or loft conversion with a bathroom and a kitchenette makes intergenerational living much easier. Some companies have seen a 20% increase in inquiries from “parents wanting to help their children get a foot on the property ladder” maybe even building a small lodge in the garden. When the children have finally saved enough to move out, then families find they have their own guest annexe. Some really generous grandparents looking to help their children with young families even move into the annexes themselves and pass on the family home to their children. If you are looking for new ways of sharing your property and how best to live intergenerationally commercial builders CD Hood Ltd can help you look at your options.


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