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Mar 16

Eco-friendly home investment

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd help many who are investing in residential properties to build up and improve their property portfolio. Sometimes it is not always easy to decide where you should you invest your money particularly when it comes to ‘green modifications’

The introduction of Energy Performance Certificates in 2008, were designed to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, and yet many homes still rank very poorly. Clearly the way a residential building is constructed, insulated, heated, ventilated and the type of fuel used, contributes to its carbon emissions, and there obviously seriously impact on the cost of running the property but in the future might even affect its value. It is estimated that buildings produce nearly half of this country’s carbon emissions - almost double that of cars and planes!

A new report from a group of leading construction firms, the Green Building Council, has recently stated that 25 million existing homes will need to be refurbished in the UK between now and 2050 to meet the insulation standards required by 2050.

A green model of building uses resources more efficiently and is creating an appetite for innovation in areas like renewable power in the home. If property investors acted now they could potentially reap significant competitive advantages by shifting to a ‘green’ model earlier rather than later and adding real value to a home. As property buying perceptions change, energy efficient homes are likely to become more valuable as they will require fewer home improvements, increasing both the attractiveness of the home and its value. CD Hood Ltd are happy to help you look at all your options.

Mar 07

Housing 'gridlock' and the budget

Posted by CarlHood in housing gridlock , houses UK , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , building houses

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have seen for themselves that some of the changes in housing legislation, such as high stamp duty and a lack of supply have caused the number of people moving house to fall. The fall which comes after four consecutive years of growth suggests that fewer "second-time buyers" can afford to move to a larger property, and also that older people are not downsizing say figures produced by Lloyds Bank.  They say that in 2016 354,000 people moved home, a 4pc fall since 2015, when 367,300 people moved.

Former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lawson has been calling stamp duty a “tax on mobility” and he has been lobbying Chancellor Philip Hammond to reduce it in the Budget. The former Chancellor George Osborne reformed the tax at the end of 2014, making anyone buying a home worth more than £937,000 pay a higher tax bill, stamp duty has also become more expensive for all buyers as prices have risen. The average cost of moving has reached £11,000, with rising stamp duty costs, estate agents' and conveyancing fees forming the majority of this. Concerns about the impact of Brexit on the housing market may also have caused more people to hang on to their properties instead of selling.

The housing situation is not ideal but commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have seen many resourceful homeowners and businesses look to develop the property that they are already in. CDHood Ltd are happy to help you look at all your options for modifying your property to suit your current needs.

Feb 27

Can homes be built in factories?

Posted by CarlHood in Cd Hood , Cambridge home builders , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders , Cambridge Buy to let , Cambridge

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know there is a chronic shortage of housing in the UK like most of us.  It is good news that the Government are committed to delivering a million new homes by 2020 but limited land availability, and a shortage of skilled labour makes it hard to see how some of those targets can be met. 

Modern off-site manufacturing (OSM) technology in the UK (for building modular homes) has been recommended for expansion by The Lyons Review and the recent housing White Paper outlined initiatives to stimulate and support OSM. But there does not seem to be an agreed definition for OSM and this ambiguity has not helped with promoting the idea with the house building industry or potential residents.  Essentially OSM is a type of housing that is built (or significant components are built) off-site in a factory rather than on-site using ‘traditional’ building methods. Some OSM construction uses modular elements such as bathroom pods or bedroom/bathroom units which are craned into steel-frames and hence the phrase ‘modular housing’. Others include ‘panellised’ systems where wall units (including windows and other fittings), floor and ceiling units arrive flat-packed on-site.
Currently, around 15,000 new homes are created using OSM, to some degree, in the UK each year This accounts for approximately 9.1% of new build completions and this level has remained pretty static in over a decade. CD Hood Ltd commercial Cambridgeshire builders are happy to use a variety of building method to help you achieve your building project targets on a large or small scale.

Feb 17

Property in Cambridgeshire

Posted by CarlHood in Property in Cambridge , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have long known that the east of England is a great place to live. Over the last 12 months property prices in The East of England reflect this recording the biggest rise, up 10.5% to £279,000 on average, say the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics. At the heart of this Cambridge has consistently been a top performer over the past decade.

Cambridge with its great city centre, high performing schools and growing international reputation as a tech hub, has rapidly been closing the price gap on Oxford, with average asking prices in the area having soared by 75% in 10 years to an average of £463,093, according to Rightmove. And “against a backdrop of uncertainty for the housing market throughout the UK, Cambridge has continued to stand firm with an incredibly strong market and high prices being paid for the best property” says Martin Walshe, director of Cheffins. “We have seen a good return of active buyers since the end of the summer and through the Autumn and this has resulted in strong sales and even competitive bidding and sealed bids for the best houses.” Walshe believes that prices in Cambridge will continue to grow over the next five years, even if the rate of change slows due to uncertainty in the political landscape.

Cambridge also has the reputation of appealing  to international buyers, including investors, and this trend looks set to continue, as Cambridge’s biggest employers, including ARM, AstraZeneca and the University, grow, and other companies follow in their footsteps by moving into Cambridge, bringing with them investment into the economy, jobs and a need for housing to buy as well as rent.

Feb 17

How to develop your property?

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders

Whatever kind of property development you might be looking into commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd are likely to be able to help you.  Even if you want to explore the growing trend to build a basement extension.  The growth of the trend is reflected in the number of planning applications for this kind of work having increased by 9% in the last two years.


The research from Direct Line’s suggests that it is most popular in London and the South East. In the capital the number of applications increased from 1,348 to 1,497 and in the South East from 153 to 165.  ‘With house prices on the increase, especially in places like London and the South East, it makes sense that British home owners are doing everything they can to their properties in order to maximise space and value,’ said Nick Brabham,.‘Over the past 20 years loft conversions have been a popular choice for extending a property and now a growing number of property owners are building downwards to create additional space in a basement. This can be ideal for those living in towns and cities where extending outwards is impossible due to living in terraced and semidetached properties, or where large above ground extensions are prohibited,’ he added.

Brabham however strongly points out that anyone considering building a basement should make sure they get planning permission from your local council. ‘Basement works can sometimes cause disruption to surrounding properties, so make sure your neighbours are aware. You may even need written consent from them if you share a wall,’ he explained. Even if a basement extension is just a bit over ambitions CDHood Ltd can help you look at other ways to develop your home.


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