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Sep 07

Back to school with CD Hood

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd specialise in commercial projects; including commercial extensions, office refurbishments, office interiors, school building projects and commercial maintenance contracts.

After a busy summer working on projects for  two schools – St Christopher’s School in Letchworth and Hilgay Primary School, alongside some work refurbishing property on Malcom Street for the University CD Hood Ltd too are settling back into term time. We always enjoy improving the learning environment from primary kids to University researchers.

If you are looking to refurbish or refresh your office, school or commercial property and need building contractors in East Anglia who work closely with experienced architects and building planners CD Hood are happy to talk through your project. We have long experience of carrying out a variety of different commercial buildings work including; existing offices, factories and commercial receptions, creating new, bright and modern office spaces.

CD Hood are also able to undertake the complete construction of new build offices and reception areas. We can add extensions to existing buildings, offer fit outs retrofits and alterations of existing layouts as well as being able to offer office planning.
In addition CD Hood have extensive experience in commercial WC refurbishments. This is an area that can sometimes let a building down.  We undertake full refits of existing commercial WC suites, including the design and layout, as well as all electrical and mechanical works. For simpler solutions we can also just provide cubicle or vanity only packages.

Jul 20

Jesus College refurbishments underway

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd like a challenge and have recently taken on three new houses to completely refurbishment this summer.   Jesus college Cambridge needs them to be ready in just 6 weeks before their students return in the Autumn. Each house needs new electrics, plumbing, new kitchens and bathrooms so we will be working hard to get the job done.

When looking to improve your property quickly, refurbishment really can be the best option, as rebuilding and extending is often time-consuming and can be stressful.  Lots of houses and or flats, can benefit loads from larger jobs like new kitchens and bathrooms to just minor adjustments like deep cleaning, adding new furniture, re-plastering, and installing basic safety features can all add value.

The main advantage with refurbishment is that the property will be available to sell or let in a short amount of time, whereas extending or rebuilding a property will take much longer. By improving the building quickly, you will see a faster turnaround within a shorter time. There are also fewer limitations than on new builds. New buildings are often restricted by limited floor space, parking facilities and heights. However, restrictions on existing properties are much less stringent, allowing you to refurbish and improve your property easily.
A huge positive when it comes to refurbishing an existing building is that planning permission may not be needed. It is not even needed if you are converting an office block into residential apartments, as you would be able to take advantage of the extension to permitted development rights.

Jul 20

450 new homes in Cambridge

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As commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd are always pleased to see new homes built in and around Cambridge. Recently a strategic 50:50 joint venture partnership with House builder Hill and Marshall Group Properties looks to deliver 450 new homes in Cambridge.

Called  Wing, the new development will sit on 160 acres of land, and form part of a wider master plan that could be able to offer up to a total of 1,300 homes. The first phase when complete, will comprise of 315 private homes and 135 affordable homes – including shared ownership and affordable rent tenures. Robert Marshall, chief executive of Marshall said “We are delighted to be partnering with Hill for the first phase of the Wing development,”  This first phase will offer a range of properties including one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments and two-, three-, four- and five-bedroom houses.
There also promised to be a wide range of facilities build to support the new community, including a new primary school, sports pitches, allotments and retail and commercial space. New transport infrastructure is also planned meaning nearby Newmarket Road will be upgraded. 
Andy Hill, chief executive of Hill, commented: “We have established firm roots in Cambridge and have long been committed to delivering more homes to this great city as it continues to thrive and grow. Having delivered several package of new builds CD Hood Ltd also take pride in being able to work on new developments large or small helping to making Cambridge one of the best cities to live in the UK.

Mar 21

Do you need a ‘graddy annexe’ building?

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have helped many households build a Granny flat but with more and more graduates unable to afford their own home. Nearly half the graduates who paid full tuition fees in in 2015 are back living at home with their parents. In response more and more parents are building graddy annexes, extensions to their homes for their returning children.

According to some reports, the number of homes with an annexe for family members has jumped by a third in the past few years this is in part due to council tax breaks for those building to house relatives. Before April 2014, homeowners had to pay full council tax on annexes attached to a main household if they had fitted kitchens or bathrooms, now there is a 50% discount on council tax bills if the occupier is a family member.

A garage or loft conversion with a bathroom and a kitchenette makes intergenerational living much easier. Some companies have seen a 20% increase in inquiries from “parents wanting to help their children get a foot on the property ladder” maybe even building a small lodge in the garden. When the children have finally saved enough to move out, then families find they have their own guest annexe. Some really generous grandparents looking to help their children with young families even move into the annexes themselves and pass on the family home to their children. If you are looking for new ways of sharing your property and how best to live intergenerationally commercial builders CD Hood Ltd can help you look at your options.

Jan 23

Smaller builders need to be helped to tackle housing crisis

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know that the housing crisis simply needs more properties built to help ease the pressure. But many barriers, including finance, planning and red tape are still preventing smaller building firms from playing a bigger part in helping alleviate the UK housing crisis.

According to a recent report from the Home Builders Federation (HBF) the number of SME builders has reduced but I fit could just get back to the number of smaller companies that were operating in 2007 the industry could produce an additional 25,000 homes a year. But even as banks have increased lending to SMEs overall, the report reveals that the situation has improved little since the recovery from the 2008 financial crash. ‘Whilst housing output has increased significantly in recent years, the vast majority of the increases have come from larger companies. The number of smaller builders has collapsed over recent decades with few new entrants to the market able to grow to any size,’ said Stewart Baseley, HBF executive chairman.

Their report suggests the Government could help more by the creation of a new Help to Build scheme to help extend sustainable lending to smaller companies and lifting barriers for builders to access tax incentives and other support enjoyed by SMEs on other industries. It could also address specific planning problems that disproportionately affect the business environment for SMEs. If you are looking to develop a site for a new build CD Hood Ltd are here to help.


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