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Jun 08

The right to light?

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Commercial builders CD Hood Ltd have lots of experience e of extending, renovating and developing properties in and around Cambridgeshire. If you are extending a property close to a neighbour, and are worried that what you want to build might significantly reduce the light that reaches their plot of land and or passes through their windows, you may be infringing their right to light. 

If what you want to build does indeed infringe there right to light it could give them the right to seek an injunction to have your proposed development reduced in size or in some cases people seek a take a payment to compensate for the reduction of light. Indeed if the loss of light is small and can be adequately compensated for financially, the court may award compensation instead of an injunction.

But it is much better to make sure that you have taken into consideration your neighbour’s right to light in the planning process.  In England and Wales, a right to light is usually acquired by what is called prescription meaning the light has to have been enjoyed for an uninterrupted period of 20 years through the windows of the building. But once acquired, the right to light extends only to a certain amount of light such as is suitable for the continuous use and enjoyment of the building, and is not a right to all the light that was once enjoyed.

So this means that the right to light can be reduced by development so you shouldn’t  assume that any reduction in light to your neighbour’s property gives grounds for them to prevent your development it’s just important to calculate that if there will be any loss of light, if so, how much.

Oct 28

Fire safety in the home

Posted by CarlHood in Cambridge drain repairs , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders , Cambridge , Burwell house refurbishment

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know that any new build or conversion has to be built to exacting standards and that it is particularly important to make sure of fire safety in any home. According to the Fire Brigade most fires in the home start accidentally so it is really important that your buildings are up to fire safety standards and that you know how to reduce the chances of a fire starting in your home and keep yourself, your family and your property safe from fire.

Every home should have at least one working smoke alarm or smoke detector per floor as they provide vital early warning and allow extra time to escape if there is a fire in your home. They can also alert neighbours to the danger of fire. Smoke alarms really are affordable and easy to install and you can get them from most DIY and electric shops or high street supermarkets.
As with many things you buy make sure they are the genuine article an alarm should be marked with a current British Standards or European (CE) safety mark.  You should buy and fit a smoke alarm on every level of your home setting them on a ceiling or high up on a wall, if the instructions state it is ok to do so. Fit smoke alarms away from kitchens or bathrooms as steam can damage the alarm, or set it off by mistake.  Other types of detection that can be used in a kitchen are heat detectors they will go off when a certain temperature is met or when the temperature in the room rises at a certain rate. They do not replace smoke alarms, but using a combination can provide maximum protection against the dangers of fire in the home. For the deaf or hard of hearing strobe light and vibrating-pad smoke alarms are also available.

Oct 03

Looking into an extension...

Posted by CarlHood in Commercial builders Cambridge , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Burwell house refurbishment

At CD Hood commercial builders in Cambridge we pride ourselves on our house renovations and extensions, from a complete re-build, a completer refurbishment, a single storey extension, kitchen extensions, a new bathroom or shower room or garage conversions we can complete a project for you in the time frame and budget you specify. 

The photo below is of a new dormer window and lower extension on a home in Cambridge.

A well designed house extension is the perfect answer to create extra space in this current climate, and will only add value to your house both in terms of extra space and value. 

CD Hood are happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements we would hope to be able to  help you with the information you need for any development or renovation, from the planning process through to those finishing touches. 

We have current Planning Permission and Building Regulations knowledge to help you through each step in the process.

We only use skilled tradesmen so you can be assured that the finish will be faultless, we have the experience required to manage your project from start to finish.  We can coordinate the whole project for you from concept and design to installation and planning permissions and make this a stress free process for you.

If you are considering having an extension then give us a call for a chat, to determine your specific requirements and feasibility of your plans. At CD Hood we value the human angle and hope to make any building work you undertake as stress free as possible.

Oct 03

On time refurbishment...

Posted by CarlHood in CRB checked builders , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Cambridge new battery , Burwell Museum , Burwell house refurbishment , Builders London

CD Hood commercial builders in Cambridge know how stressful refurbishment can be on a household. Having any kind of improvement work done to your home is bound to be stressful, and we can't deny that having a new kitchen or bathroom, central heating or rewire, roof covering or doors, will not be easy for you. That is why we are proud to make sure our work is done on time.

Some of the things you can do to really help speed things up are packing away before work starts
you may have to empty cupboards or shelves prior to work starting, if you're having a kitchen or bathroom fitted it’s an ideal time for a good clear out.

Total house refurbishment (photo) Cambridge completed on time

Another useful thing to do is covering thing up. At CD Hood we will use dust sheets but if you feel we haven't adequately covered your carpets or any other part of the fitting please let us know. If you have any dust sheets of your own it is also a good idea to cover, for example, your lounge suite and TV – as a little dust can go a very long way!

CD Hood are always concerned with safety when work is in progress. If you are going to stay living in a refurbishment please be careful whilst the work is being undertaken. It's really important that your children understand that they mustn't play with tools, building materials, on scaffolding or in skips. 
Likewise please make any suitable arrangements if you have any pets.

Aug 15

Government funded Graffiti classes in Cambridge..

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CD Hood Commercial builders in Cambridge understand the nightmare of having a building or business ruined by graffiti in and around Cambridge, therefore we were surprised to find out that taxpayer funded graffiti classes have been taking place in Cambridge.

Graffiti classes run by the Blight Society group have been held on Jesus Green. Local councilor Cllr George Owers has also questioned whether this type of activity is a good use of public money and stated:  “I acknowledge that Blight Society themselves are a legal outfit who do commissions and other legitimate work.

“However, it is surely the case that teaching young people how to paint graffiti could be construed as encouraging behaviour which more often than not finds an antisocial and illegal expression.

“The name itself, ‘Blight Society’, doesn’t exactly have positive connotations. I do not think that such a thing should be funded by the council taxpayer.

“It is particularly ironic given that council taxpayers have to fork out for cleaning up graffiti in the long run.”

It’s good to see that people are being encouraged to express themselves in this way, but it does raise the question where they will be trying out their new found art skills.

So if you do find your building has been covered by graffiti what is the best way to get it off? Firstly it depends on the type of material the graffiti artists have used. If they have use a spray paint then it will probably be difficult to get it off, but if they have used permanent markers you should be able to remove it by applying Isopropyl alcohol, this might also work with spray paint. With all types of stains the quicker you take action the more chance you will have of removing it, our best advice would be to contact a professional cleaning company. We have found this graffiti removal chart which covers all types of materials from lipstick to shoe polish on all different types of surfaces.


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