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Jun 30

Safety first

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In the wake of the Genfell tower block in London commercial builders like CD Hood Ltd need to make sure they take stock of their Health and Safety standards. In any building of any scale it is important to put safety first.

With many products on the market for enhancing the energy efficiency of a building it is vital that The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issue guidance for councils, owners and landlords about acceptable safe materials to use.

Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government confirmed that 600 buildings are being inspected and cladding has failed the test in 11 so far. ‘The tests, which are being conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), can be done within hours allowing us to test more than 100 samples a day, with capacity expandable if needed. We would urge any landlord who owns a building of this kind to send samples for testing as a matter of urgency,’ he said.

 ‘Landlords have a legal obligation to provide safe buildings. Where they cannot do that, we expect alternative accommodation to be provided. My department stands ready to work with local authorities to ensure they can meet their obligations to provide safety for their tenants. We cannot and will not ask people to live in unsafe homes,’ he added.

Whatever the size of your property, new build, extension or renovation project commercial Cambridgeshire builders will always make sure they put safety first.

May 20

The need for new builds

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know that new builds will play a significant part of the housing market in the future so it is interesting to see their analysis of 36,566 new homes registered in Quarter 1, according to reports from NHBC.

They say a total of 36,566 new homes were registered in the first three months of this year in the UK, according to their latest new home registration statistics. These new home registrations however were 9% down on 2015. Financial year registrations were in line with 2014/15, up 80% since the last recession with a 10% increase in new home completions in 2015/16.

28,398 new homes were registered in the private sector, which is a 7% decrease on the 30,560 a year ago, with the public and affordable sector down 15% with 8,168 new homes registered compared to 9,584 in Q1 2015. The overall number is 9% down on the same period last year when 40,144 new homes were registered. However for the financial year 2015/16, registrations remained in line with the previous year with 152,329 new home registrations, marginally ahead of the 152,262 registered in 2014/15. There was also a 10% increase in the number of new home completions for the financial year up to the end of March, compared to 2014/15, with 137,396 completions in total.

Commenting on the Q1 figures, NHBC Chief Executive Mike Quinton said: "Our latest statistics show that the industry is consolidating on the strong growth in registrations seen in recent years. Registrations are now around 80% higher than the depths of the financial crisis in 2008/09, driven by increased activity from private sector house builders.” If you want to look into building your own home in or around Cambridge experienced new build commercial builders CD Hood might be able to help.

Source : NHBC

Oct 05

Maintaining your roof as the weather turns

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know it is a good idea to inspect the inside of your roof at least once a year look out for any evidence of leaks. It is a good idea to repeat your check in different weather conditions. A check after heavy rain will reveal any water ingress as a result of any defects in the structure. A check in cold weather will reveal any condensation within the roof space.

If your roof seems to be leaking these are some possible reasons:

Roofing Felt is one of the most common causes in older roofs. Whilst roof tiles and slates are designed to keep out the rain, it is still accepted that some wind driven rain will pass through. The purpose of the roofing underlay is to drain that water away but bituminous roofing felt, will succumb to rot over time.

Another common cause of a roof to leak is the flashings at junctions being incorrectly installed or damaged, valleys are particularly vulnerable because water is directed towards these. Side abutments are also vulnerable if not correctly installed.  The actual tiles or slates are probably the least likely element of the roof to leak if they have been laid properly at the right pitch. Of course if a tile has slipped out of position this will be very easy to see and is relatively easy to fix by a professional.

Sometimes a roof ventilator can be leaking but you want to check that this is not actually condensation. Condensation  it also commonly mistaken for a leak if a roof space is not correctly ventilated then condensation may form on the underside of the felt or tiles and can, in severe cases form enough water to drip onto the ceiling, giving the impression of a leaky roof.

Jun 02

Thinking through the Cost of building work….

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As experienced Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd are always looking to match the cost of building work to the budgets and requirements of their clients. There is a bottom line that has to be met but the costs of the work depend on the result you’re after.   

Many householders think about extending or renovating their home and only think about the real costs later.  It is good to be realistic and match your extension or renovation plans to ball park figures. These  figures from experienced renovator Michael Holmes offer a starting place and are based on a finished cost per square metre (£/m²):

Basic quality £1,380 to £1,680
Good quality £1,680 to £1,920
Excellent quality £1,920 to £2,160

If you think you need to involve a designer, then these fees can form from three to seven per cent of the construction cost, with a minimum of around £2,400 to £3,600 for coming up with the planning drawings. Even if you are only planning to have the construction drawings they will typically cost the same, and you might need a structural engineer to size roof joists and foundations - so it is wise to factor in £500 to £1,000.

If you are also planning on employing a designer to put the contract out to tender and appoint the builders, they will then be administering the contract, so you would probably have to budget for a further three to seven per cent of the build cost.  Coming straight to experienced builders of extensions and renovations like CD Hood Ltd can help you think through the costs of building.

Apr 08

Finish in the kitchen

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Whenever CD Hood Ltd, experienced commercial Cambridgeshire builders complete a kitchen extension we like to make sure the kitchen has the best finish the budget will stretch to.  One of the things that can have real impact are the kitchen work tops.


Mixing and matching worktops can also be a very effective way to get texture and interest into any kitchen design. You could have a deep stainless-steel worktop for the cooking area, a thick slab-style marble countertop on a feature island, and a sleek worktop for the surrounding units.

Combining materials can help stretch your budget a little further, too. If you really want a more expensive  material such as marble or hardwood in some of your kitchen, you could decide to use a small amount of it as a focal point, perhaps on an island.  You could then have something more affordable in the rest of the room.

For a focal point premium product natural pattern wood and stone are popular, bold veining in marble has been a favourite for islands and worktops, matched by distinctive grain and texture in wood with oak and beech being popular options, followed by exotic choices such as zebrano, wenge and iroko. These tend to have an oily structure that makes them naturally water resistant.

You would be wise however to take care when using wood around the hob and the sink areas as heat can warp and scorch it, and water damage can stain. CD Hood Ltd like to make sure any kitchen extension they are involved with has a proper finish.


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