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Jun 30

Safety first

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In the wake of the Genfell tower block in London commercial builders like CD Hood Ltd need to make sure they take stock of their Health and Safety standards. In any building of any scale it is important to put safety first.

With many products on the market for enhancing the energy efficiency of a building it is vital that The Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issue guidance for councils, owners and landlords about acceptable safe materials to use.

Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government confirmed that 600 buildings are being inspected and cladding has failed the test in 11 so far. ‘The tests, which are being conducted by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), can be done within hours allowing us to test more than 100 samples a day, with capacity expandable if needed. We would urge any landlord who owns a building of this kind to send samples for testing as a matter of urgency,’ he said.

 ‘Landlords have a legal obligation to provide safe buildings. Where they cannot do that, we expect alternative accommodation to be provided. My department stands ready to work with local authorities to ensure they can meet their obligations to provide safety for their tenants. We cannot and will not ask people to live in unsafe homes,’ he added.

Whatever the size of your property, new build, extension or renovation project commercial Cambridgeshire builders will always make sure they put safety first.

May 26

Making sure gas appliances are safe

Posted by CarlHood in CRB checked builders , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd never cut corners when it comes to gas safety.  It is vital that any renovation, new build or extension has any of its gas appliances thoroughly and professionally checked. It is shocking that across the UK some property investors are potentially putting their property investments at risk of major gas incidents, such as a carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions by employing illegal gas engineers who are not properly qualified, new research shows.

The Gas Safe Register, the UKs only official legal gas registration scheme, found that 19% of people, who employed a tradesperson to work on a gas appliance did not check their ID card or qualifications. They also found that  a worrying 65% of gas jobs carried out by illegal fitters were unsafe and one in five gas appliances were so dangerous that they had to be disconnected immediately! The study found that people are most likely to employ a tradesperson based on recommendations from friends or family members (53%), and trust them based on their personal presentation (41%) or how official they look (30%), rather than on their qualifications (11%).

Matt Allwright, best known for presenting shows such as Watchdog and Rogue Traders said: “Gas Safe Register’s data demonstrates that too many people are letting illegal gas fitters into their home and putting their families at risk. It is vital that people don’t just trust a friendly face but make sure fitters are Gas Safe registered and qualified to work in their property, as the consequences of an unsafe gas appliance can be fatal.”

Aug 11

Don’t forget the internal finish

Posted by CarlHood in CRB checked builders , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have a wide ranging experience in delivering extensions, renovations and conversions as well as new builds.  When thinking through extending or developing your property it is easy to become focused on the structural concepts and the extra square footage it will deliver.  Sometimes complex designs take over and have to be simplified and managed to be in keeping with a buildings age and structure. But is worth taking time to consider what the internal finish of a room will be and think through the scale of costs involved with this sometimes this is where the real savings can be made with some clever planning.


Of course the cost of fitting of any extension or conversion of your home will depend on the type of rooms within it. For a kitchen for example a budget could range from around £4,500 to £16,500, depending on the specification; if you go high end, costs can increase significantly on this so think carefully about the finish you want. For a bathroom, it would be wise to factor in from around £4,000 to £10,000, but of course these price variations depend on the fittings you choose. A shower room can have a comparable cost to a bathroom say between £4,500 and £11,000, again depending on your level of fittings. Don’t forget the flooring, budget for this should be in the region of £24 to £96 per square metre. Often wall and ceiling finishes are not included in the build costs, so you might need to aside from around £77 per square metre for plaster or dry-lining plus paint.

Feb 16

Using wood to construct big buildings

Posted by CarlHood in Stadhaus , CRB checked builders , CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Cambridge home builders , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders

Amongst some architects there is a growing movement to use the ancient building material of wood instead of concrete or steel even for large and tall structures. CD Hood Ltd commercial Cambridgeshire builders are always keen to keep an eye to any new material and this is an ancient one but skyscrapers made of wood?  But it is no longer a fantasy , relatively new highly engineered wood products, collectively known as “massive timber” have come to be.  The are cross-laminated timber (CLT) – layers of softwood, the grain crosswise in each successive layer, glued and pressed together until the panels are up to 50cm thick – and they have enabled the construction of multi-storey residential all-timber buildings.

One example is the Stadthaus building in Murray Grove, Hackney, northeast London its a nine-storey structure that was designed by architects Waugh Thistleton, who called it “the world’s tallest modern timber residential building” in 2009. Constructed from cross-laminated timber panels from the first floor upwards, Stadthaus was the first residential building to achieve this height and to have floor slabs and load bearing walls made entirely from timber. Timber, despite being the world’s oldest construction material, is now the most modern,” says Alex de Rijke, director of London-based dRMM architects. “It has undergone a renaissance in terms of processing and manufacturing of engineered timber, as opposed to just building with joists and planks. It’s now a whole family of very sophisticated, high-performance engineered products. CLT is the ‘new concrete’. It’s a whole new ball game,” he says.

Feb 12

Improvements which often cost more than they add

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Commercial Cambridgeshire Builders CD Hood are often involved with extensions and renovations of properties as well as new builds. We have become acutely aware of the some of the things that might be largely considered luxurious such as swimming pools, Jacuzzis and bars that can very often be a really personal thing to include in a development but it is difficult to say if they really add the value that they cost to install. While within the prime London property market they can sometimes be expected, many say these things don’t tend to add much value to a property in the mainstream residential market sector.

While in the top end of central London property a basement conversions might be all the rage, in the outlying residential areas of London and beyond extensions like  that often just don’t add the value that some might expect.

The costs of basement conversions can be enormous and it is therefore easier to overspend relative to the value of the property. A poor basement conversion can also have a really negative effect on a property; consequently, significant sums need to be invested to produce the desired effect.

At CD Hood Ltd commercial Cambridgeshire builders we tend to think it is worth checking in with your local agent as to what effect on a property any improvement you are planning before you undertake the work. While the majority of the time extensions and renovations improve a property’s value, there are the few occasions where they don’t.


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