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Jun 08

The right to light?

Posted by CarlHood in Cd Hood , Cambridge commercial builders , Burwell house refurbishment , Building land Cambridge

Commercial builders CD Hood Ltd have lots of experience e of extending, renovating and developing properties in and around Cambridgeshire. If you are extending a property close to a neighbour, and are worried that what you want to build might significantly reduce the light that reaches their plot of land and or passes through their windows, you may be infringing their right to light. 

If what you want to build does indeed infringe there right to light it could give them the right to seek an injunction to have your proposed development reduced in size or in some cases people seek a take a payment to compensate for the reduction of light. Indeed if the loss of light is small and can be adequately compensated for financially, the court may award compensation instead of an injunction.

But it is much better to make sure that you have taken into consideration your neighbour’s right to light in the planning process.  In England and Wales, a right to light is usually acquired by what is called prescription meaning the light has to have been enjoyed for an uninterrupted period of 20 years through the windows of the building. But once acquired, the right to light extends only to a certain amount of light such as is suitable for the continuous use and enjoyment of the building, and is not a right to all the light that was once enjoyed.

So this means that the right to light can be reduced by development so you shouldn’t  assume that any reduction in light to your neighbour’s property gives grounds for them to prevent your development it’s just important to calculate that if there will be any loss of light, if so, how much.

Apr 19

Apprenticeships in construction

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Builders Cambridge , Cd Hood , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CDHood Ltd know there is a real shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry has been a major problem for new housebuilders in recent years. Recently a new apprenticeship levy has comes into effect, as part of a wider strategy needed to help plug the construction skills shortage in the residential house building industry. 

Developers have been trying to address the issue through the Home Building Skills Partnership (HBP), a pan industry body set up by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and Home Builders Federation (HBF) to develop, grow and sustain a programme that provides the workforce. But it is estimated that around 50,000 homes across England alone are still waiting to be built despite receiving planning consent partly because of a construction skills shortage. “The government’s recognition of the need to focus on grassroots recruitment through a number of avenues is to be applauded, and the introduction of the levy will directly increase the number of businesses growing apprentice numbers across the UK.” said Karen

Jones, HR director at Redrow: “Technical skillsets, in particular in sectors such as construction, engineering and health and social care, are vital to the strength of UK PLC but are currently in short supply so this policy represents a significant step in the right direction.”  The supply of much needed new build homes across the country need to be alleviated to help with the challenges and obstacles facing residential property developers. If you are looking for help with a Cambridgeshire new build CDHood Ltd might be able to help.

Feb 27

Can homes be built in factories?

Posted by CarlHood in Cd Hood , Cambridge home builders , Cambridge construction companies , Cambridge commercial builders , Cambridge Buy to let , Cambridge

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know there is a chronic shortage of housing in the UK like most of us.  It is good news that the Government are committed to delivering a million new homes by 2020 but limited land availability, and a shortage of skilled labour makes it hard to see how some of those targets can be met. 

Modern off-site manufacturing (OSM) technology in the UK (for building modular homes) has been recommended for expansion by The Lyons Review and the recent housing White Paper outlined initiatives to stimulate and support OSM. But there does not seem to be an agreed definition for OSM and this ambiguity has not helped with promoting the idea with the house building industry or potential residents.  Essentially OSM is a type of housing that is built (or significant components are built) off-site in a factory rather than on-site using ‘traditional’ building methods. Some OSM construction uses modular elements such as bathroom pods or bedroom/bathroom units which are craned into steel-frames and hence the phrase ‘modular housing’. Others include ‘panellised’ systems where wall units (including windows and other fittings), floor and ceiling units arrive flat-packed on-site.
Currently, around 15,000 new homes are created using OSM, to some degree, in the UK each year This accounts for approximately 9.1% of new build completions and this level has remained pretty static in over a decade. CD Hood Ltd commercial Cambridgeshire builders are happy to use a variety of building method to help you achieve your building project targets on a large or small scale.

Nov 04

New Build or period property?

Posted by CarlHood in CD Hood Ltd , CD Hood Builders Cambridge , CD Hood Builders , Cd Hood , Cambridge home builders , Cambridge commercial builders

Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd know that many who are drawn to historic Cambridge and its environs dream of living in an older property. Many like the idea of a Georgian townhouse or a country cottage and they can make really beautiful homes, but maintenance can be key.  Of course not everyone favours the old some really love the sharp lines and contemporary feel of a newly built property, designed for 21st century living.

However, one indisputable fact of home buying or home renovating that it can be expensive and more and more of us are looking for properties that minimise maintenance. And as a rule of thumb the older the home, the more maintenance it will require. But many are still sceptical about the quality of a new build, it’s not uncommon to hear people say 'they don't build houses like they used to', but it is also a fact that building regulations have been strengthened over the years so new builds should be less likely to suffer some of the problems that period properties do. They also tend to be built specifically to be energy efficient and are therefore cheaper to run than older homes, which can make a huge ongoing difference to your gas and electric costs.

But no matter how practical they might be, for some buyers new builds are a total turn-off. Some of the criticisms are valid as new homes often do tend to be smaller than period properties. Some fans of period properties also believe that new builds are not financially attractive. They reason that it is harder to make money on a new build because you buy the property at its peak, when its 'newness' is its unique selling point. With an older home you have a lot more scope to make significant home improvements and therefore potentially increase its value. Whatever your take on property be it renovation or new build commercial Cambridgeshire builders CDHood Ltd can help you plan for what is best for you.

Jul 23

Planning to get more homes built

Posted by CarlHood in developers , Cd Hood , building plans

Commercial builders CD Hood Ltd are involved in more and more new build projects and the pressing need for housing continues to be an issue.  Business Secretary Sajid has recently said that a planning shake up needs to take place to get more homes built in the UK.

It may soon be the case that developers could get automatic planning permission to build on disused industrial sites in England and ministers could also get powers to seize land that is not being used while major housing projects could be fast-tracked.  On top of this rules on extensions in London could be relaxed it would see ministers seek to scrap the need for planning permission in London for developers who want to extend buildings to the height of neighbouring properties, which they say will "add dynamism" to house.

These proposals are the result of official figures showing new house building fell by 5.8% in May, the sharpest decline in nearly four years. Under the new proposals - which will need to be approved by MPs - automatic planning permission would be granted on all "suitable" brownfield sites under a new "zonal" system.  Even with these proposals some analysts have questioned whether there is enough brownfield land - a term which refers to land that has previously been developed but is vacant or derelict - available to meet the UK's housing needs over the next 15 years. CD Hood Ltd are happy to help any new build development in the Cambridgeshire area.


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