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Jun 08

Living with parents if UK property prices continue to rise

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd have seen for themselves that more and more adults are living with their parents.  According to recent analysis form Aviva Insurance the number of young people aged 25 to 34 living with their parents in the UK could be set to grow if property prices keep rising.

The findings are supported by a separate study carried out by Aviva, examining the attitudes of 500 people aged 16 to 34 who live with their parents which found that respondents expected to be 28 years of age on average before they moved out. It also found that although one in 12, or 8%, said didn’t ever expect to leave their current home.

Some 47% of those living with parents said they were ‘very happy’; while just 16% said they were unhappy with their circumstances. However the number of discontented increases with age. For adults aged 30 to 34 still living with parents, the number of ‘very happy’ falls to 31%, while ‘unhappy’ rises to 28%. ‘If house prices continue to rise at their current rate, we can expect the proportion of adult children living with parents to grow even further,’ said Lindsey Rix, managing director for personal lines at Aviva UK General Insurance.
If you need to find ways of expanding the capacity or your Cambridgeshire home experienced builders CD Hood Ltd might be able to help you come up with some solutions.

Apr 19

Permission to develop your property?

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If you are looking to renovate, extend or build from scratch Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd can help will all kinds of work. It is important to make sure you have the right permissions in place if you want to develop a property.

One recent study conducted by Co-op Insurance found that 19% of home owners thought they did not need permission to build onto their property, 14% didn’t even think about it and 9% said they didn’t bother as they thought it would cost them money while a further 20% of home owners didn’t let their insurers know about the changes.

It would also seem that some 57%, of UK home owners have had extensive work done on their properties and almost a fifth are unsure if they got the correct permissions.  With the pressure of finances on moving there has been an upward trend for renovating or extending homes rather than moving.  But it is worrying how much work might be being done without the relevant authorisations.

Interestingly women are more likely than men to get the relevant consent for their buildings work! Only 7% of women opted out of getting consent compared to 9% of men. Caroline Hunter, head of home insurance for Co-op Insurance. ‘It’s really important that home owners get the correct permissions and let their insurers know when extensive building work such as conservatories, extensions and loft conversions are taking place.’  CD Hood Ltd commercial Cambridgeshire builders can advise on the right permissions for any building work.


Oct 23

Extending to include an office?

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More and more people that commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd provide renovations or extensions for have a home office space as dedicated room, built-for-purpose or giving wasted space a much more practical make over. The home office really has become an essential room in most houses.

If you are engaged in a renovation or an extension or even a new build you would be wise to include plans for a home office. If it is for you or a member of your family it is good to start by thinking about the purpose of your space. As with many of these things you start with more questions than answers. So as part of the planning process, ask yourself a series of questions to establish what is needed in your work area. Think about what storage you need. Do you need a desktop computer and therefore a desk? What are your printing requirements? How much of your time is spent on the phone and, while on the phone, do you use other equipment? Do you need access to a library of books, or samples? Is it important for you to have peace and quiet; to be insulated from noise and disruption within the home?
If you’ll be working in your home office on a daily basis you may really want to create a different ‘feel’ from the rest the home to help you focus. Building a separate room in the garden is another option but comes with the challenges of adding light, heat and power. CDHood Ltd can help you plan for your home office space as part of an extension, renovation or new build.

Jul 27

Waste Wood Recycling

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Commercial Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd see that waste wood recycling is something to be taken seriously in the future. It is estimated that the UK generates around 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood a year, almost 2.8 million tonnes is recycled but this amount is expected to increase as the number of wood recycling companies grow.


According to a study by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), the largest sources of waste wood come from three areas: Municipal waste, Industrial and commercial waste and Construction and demolition waste. Construction waste is usually made up of surplus structural timber unable to be used, wood packaging for construction materials, torn down structural wood or unwanted furniture from the demolition industry.

Despite efforts to recycle wood effectively, there is still a significant amount that ends up landfills which is expensive and not environmentally sustainable. The demand for timber across shows few signs of slowing down and has led to a number of environmental concerns meaning if more waste wood was recycled some environmental problems might be helped.

The range of uses for recycled wood has expanded to include landscaping products, equine surfaces and animal and poultry bedding. Technology has led to greater efficiency in the recycling process. Modern machinery can cope with greater quantities of waste wood and the automation and improvement in quality of the process to remove contaminants such and nails and screws from waste wood means a higher quality of recycled wood can be produced. CD Hood Ltd are always open to new ideas to help your new build or renovation project be as sustainable as possible. Source: WRAP

Nov 17

Getting your properties winter-ready?

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When the clocks go back those shorter days and colder nights come thick and fast, commercial Cambridgeshire builders CDHood Ltd know that if you are not prepared a whole range of bothersome problems associated with the cold weather can affect your home, your rental properties or business properties.

With the Autumn leaves your gutters can get blocked especially if there is also a bit of moss or debris from the roofing tiles already in the gutter. A blocked gutter can cause water to overflow, if that water is overflowing for a period of time it can damage walls and rendering causing damp problems. So it is well worth making sure you have checked your gutters and or arranged to have them cleared regularly.
Another source of winter worries can be a burst pipe, if a pipe bursts by water freezing in it and causing it to expand it can become a really expensive problem to fix.  Prevention of burst pipes is by far the best option in most cases it is worth investing in pipe insulation. Another method of preventing burst pipes is to ensure that the heating remains on during cold spells. If your property has pipes on the outside it is even more important to keep the heating on as those pipes will be even more susceptible to freezing.
If you have a rental property or properties it might be worth remind your tenants to leave the heating on or to use a timer to ensure it comes on regularly (especially if they are going away).  Be sure to tell any tenants and or your family where to find the water and gas stop taps and the fuse box and make sure they know how to operate them.
Source – National Landlords Association


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