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Aug 21

Working with Schools

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CD Hood Ltd, commercial Cambridgeshire builders have lots of experience working with schools. There is nothing more satisfying that helping to transform a learning environment of a school for the pupils to return in the Autumn. The summer time is of course the best time to complete any building or refurbishment works for schools.

CD Hood Ltd have recently demolished a former shelter for London evacuees during The Second World War at Hilgay primary school. This is to make way for a new classroom extension and associated works to improve the school building. Groundworks are now well and truly underway.

Alongside building works CD Hood Ltd have also refurbished two classroom St Christopher's School in Letchworth. They were commissioned to remove a flat suspended ceiling and open up the roof space to make a feature of 100 year old beams.  And installed new purpose made windows, beech skirtings and doors and re-sanded and sealed the parquet floors.

Despite in some cases trying to complete the lion share of the building or refurbishing work when the pupils are not on site, CD Hood Ltd take their responsibilities of working with schools very seriously. 
It used to be the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check but is now the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check that has to be in place. It is vital that the criminal record history for people who apply for certain jobs, for example working with children or in healthcare is checked.  All on site CD Hood Ltd staff are DBS checked.

Feb 08

Roles and processes of commercial retrofitting...commercial builder's Cambridge

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As with any building project by a reputable commercial builder like CD Hood Ltd there are a range of roles and processes that are more likely to optimise success. With retrofitting in particular experienced Cambridgeshire builders CD Hood Ltd can see that it is vital to:

• Engaging clients with your own clear process of design, delivery and guarantee.
• Creating sustainability champions at a senior level where there is authority to invest on a longer term basis.
• Appointing a carbon monitor to ensure continuity throughout a project.
• Using proven technologies, partnering with providers and getting involved with the research and development of new technologies.
• Applying a technology hierarchy and putting in place effective measuring and metering.
• Do not simply wait for policy and legislation; market forces can also effect significant change.
• A convergence of policy at the mandatory and regulatory ends of the spectrum is needed to drive mass industry transformation.
• A combined carrot and stick approach is needed and policy has to be decisive; deals that do not last lead to inaction due to the uncertainty they create.

The only problem CD Hood Ltd can see is with the politics. Private or voluntary initiatives can play a big part in pushing retrofitting up the political agenda, but they ultimately need to turn into binding regulation and legislation if they are to result in a significant impact.  Binding regulation as with other building is vital for client and builder alike CD Hood Ltd are happy to discuss any commercial building project you might have in the pipeline.

Aug 16

Listed building - Top Cambridgeshire builders need to know how to deal with listed buildings

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Historical period features and eccentricities can be a real draw when buying a home, but what exactly does listing mean for a potential owner? That beautiful old cottage you have had your eye on could turn out to be full of frustration if you don’t know what you can and can’t do with renovation.
The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport compiles a list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest. There are now around 500,000 of them in Britain. Cambridge has more than 1,500 listed buildings. The list includes a range of structures, from the remains of Roman buildings to offices built in the 1970s, from lamp posts to castles.
'Listing' is essentially the legal protection of important buildings against demolition, alteration or extension. While overall responsibility for listing lies with the Secretary of State, it's the job of English Heritage to assess and advise on applications. Of course it's not just residential properties that are listed; pubs, warehouses, factories and theatres can all warrant careful preservation.
Criteria for listing include: 

Age - The older and rarer a building, the better it's chances of being listed. Buildings constructed before 1700 which have survived in their original condition are pretty much guaranteed to make the list. Anything dating before 1840 stands a good chance too. From 1840 onwards there are more surviving examples so requirements are stricter.
A building will need some special interest above and beyond its age. While modern buildings can be listed, those built after 1945 will need something exceptional about them to be listed.

Architectural Interest-The style and proportions of a building are important factors. Properties built by notable architects will get bonus points, as will those featuring important examples of building techniques or layout. Any alterations must be judged to have added or preserved architectural interest rather than detracting from it.
Historical Interest-Connections with historic figures or events can work in a building's favour. A passing lodger won't count for much, but many buildings have played significant roles in Britain's social, economic, cultural or military history.

Experienced local builders like CDHood can always help you sort out the history from the headache for works in listed buildings.


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